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Frequently Asked Questions

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  Parent FAQs


How do I update my phone, email information?

Click here to Log into the Powerschool Parent Portal.  Click here if you need to create an account on the Parent Portal. Once you are in the portal, click on the Demographics Modify link and change the information as needed.

Why doesn't the School’s caller ID show on the phone?

The original message includes the School’s caller ID. However, it’s up to the local telephone carriers to pass it along to their customers. Different local carriers process caller ID information differently. It is recommended that you add the number to your mobile phone so you’ll recognize when the School is calling. For the home phone, your local carrier may require you to subscribe to an advanced caller ID service for the School’s number to show.

Why didn't a message play when I said hello?

Power Announcement plays the message as soon as the phone picks up. An error can occur if there is a lot of background noise or the person answering repeats “hello” several times, because the system cannot detect the end of the greeting. If you are in an area with a lot of background noise, it is recommended that you allow the call to go to voicemail or you may select repeat if the message is setup to repeat based on a particular key press.

Why do I have a missed call but either a partial message or no voice mail message at all from the alert system?

Power Announcement attempts to distinguish between a live person and an answering machine using advanced answering machine detection software. The system begins the announcement as soon as the number is dialed. It waits a few seconds for an answer and if one is not detected then the system pauses longer to allow a voice mail greeting to finish playing. If the greeting is especially long, contains music, or has a pause during the greeting, the message may begin to play before the actual recording beep has started.
If this is a continuous issue, it is recommended that you record a fresh voicemail greeting being mindful of the length and pauses in your speech. You may also need to adjust the time allowed for messages left if the answering machine is only set to allow a specific length of recording. For any machines that require a mailbox number to be entered, a message cannot be left and you may need to disable this feature.

What if I’m unable to answer the phone?

Power Announcement will leave a message if you have voice mail or an answering machine set up. If the number is busy at the time of the call, they system will attempt to redial you up to the number of times the school has chosen. Each outgoing redial attempt will be roughly five minutes apart. If a message is not delivered by the final attempt, the school will receive a report of a failed attempt. If your answering machine is set to the maximum number of rings or over 30 seconds, then the messaging system will not be able to leave you a message. It is industry standard for all alert systems to wait 30 seconds for an answer.

Will the system call phone numbers with extensions?

Unfortunately, Power Announcement, like other alert messaging systems, only works with direct-dial phone numbers and is unable to navigate menus or extensions. It is recommended that you provide a cellular number or direct number for the school to contact you during daytime hours.

Will the calls be affected by a Telemarketer screening device?

Telemarketing screening devices may prevent calls from being received because the alert system uses the same technology as automated telemarketing calls. Please check your screening device settings for the best solution. You may be able to set the device to allow calls from specific Caller ID numbers. This would allow you to authorize the school’s numbers for future receipt.