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General enrollment in Washington County School District occurs at the student’s boundary school site.  To determine which of the district’s 42 schools is your child’s boundary school site, go to Boundaries & Bus Stops.

As per Utah State Code, school choice, through an Open Enrollment process, is an option for students wishing to enroll at an out-of-boundary school.


A child must be five years old on or before September 1 to enter kindergarten.  The District requires the following documents and information be provided to the school during registration:

A student between the ages of five and nineteen may register for grades kindergarten through grade 12 in the Washington County School District.  A birth certificate, or other reliable proof of a student’s identity and age together with an affidavit (statement made under oath and notarized) explaining why the birth certificate cannot be provided, must be provided to register.  Parents then have until thirty days after enrollment to produce the Birth Certificate.  A copy of the birth certificate will be placed the the student’s cumulative file.  The student’s legal name as it appears on the Birth Certificate will be used on all official school records.

As per Utah state code, students must be adequately immunized in order to be enrolled and provide documentation  with an accurate and complete immunization record or immunization exemption certificate at the time of registration.  Adequately immunized means the student has received the required number of vaccination doses for his or her age AND received then at the appropriate intervals.  Some latitude is available, however, if the shot sequence for each required vaccination has begun AND students are on schedule to receive the next shot in a vaccination sequence.  Students who are enrolled under this condition but do not receive the subsequent scheduled vaccination on time will be excluded after a five-day notice (see WCSD policy 2330 and Utah code 53A-11-301 to 306).  A listing of required vaccinations is available at the Utah Department of Health.  

  • Utah Immumnization Requirements – Brochure
  • Reglamento de Inmunization Escolar de Utah – folleto


A child must be a resident of the school district to be enrolled.  A minor child is considered a resident of the district under the following conditions:

  • When a student’s parent is domiciled within the School District Boundaries.
  • When guardianship of a minor child is awarded to a resident of the District by action of a court, the child becomes a resident of the District.  To obtain information and assistance with the guardianship process contact:  Jan Prince (435)673-3553 x 5164  or jan.prince@washk12.org
  • When the child, whose parent or legal guardian is a resident of the State of Utah, is living within the district boundaries with a Responsible Adult (not their parent or legal guardian) a child becomes a resident of the District.  A responsible Adult is a designation established through a formal WCSD process prior to enrollment.  To obtain more information about this Responsible Adult process contact:  Jan Prince (435)673-3553 x 5164 or jan.prince@washk12.org
  • When the child resides within the district’s boundaries while in the custody or under the supervision of a Utah state agency, or other public or private agency authorized by the State of Utah as legal custodian.
  • If the child is an emancipated minor domiciled within the school district boundaries.

A parent or legal guardian who resides outside of the State of Utah, including foreign students, excluding international exchange students, but whose child resides within the school district boundaries shall pay tuition as established by the School Board.  

Residency can be established through the following methods:

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International Exchange Students

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